(Words and Music by Joan Baez)

    Still waters at night
    In the darkest of dark
    But you rise as white
    As the birch tree's bark
    Or a pale wolf in winter
    You look down and shiver
    At still waters at night

    Your eyes are as black
    As the blackness you're fearing
    And yonder a bridge
    And a voice within hearing
    Come walk on me softly
    Look down and you'll see
    Still waters at night

    You've reason to fear
    There is no protection
    But a garland of emeralds
    And a moonlit reflection
    Of a boat in the distance
    Will the devil take his chance
    At still waters at night

    So dance me a small dance
    And the night cannot hurt you
    Nor the waters be silent
    Nor the emeralds desert you
    For the boat's full of bright scarves
    And wild hats among them
    Songs of the vagabond
    It's to you he has sung them
    And shattered the silence
    Of still waters at night

    © 1976, 1977 Gabriel Earl Music (ASCAP)

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