(Lyrics by Joan Baez, Music by Georges Delerue)

    Father, can you hear the tolling of the bells
    Echo a hundred thousand sons who wish you well?
    Tears will pour from the Golden Eagle now
    He watches as your soul departs
    The fields and the sanctuaries soon will overflow
    With the solidarity of hearts

    Into our lives you came
    With us you will remain
    You were given to the fight
    To the terror of the night
    And the many crimes of Cain

    Gravely the Black Madonna walks the winter streets
    Bright are the many flowers strewn about her feet
    Strong is the spirit of a people scorned
    Their freedom is a gift of God
    Sweet are the children who hold the legacy
    Of the solidarity of Hearts

    Into our lives you came
    With us you will remain
    Oh, forgive us all our trespasses
    And we will forgive
    The many crimes of Cain
    The many crimes of Cain

    © 1989 Chaba Music (ASCAP)

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