(Words and Music by Joan Baez)

    At night in the safety of shadows and numbers
    Seeking some turf on which nothing encumbers
    The buying and selling of casual looks
    Stuff that gets printed in x-rated books
    Your mother might have tried to understand
    When you were hardly your daddy's little man
    And you gave up saluting the chief
    To find yourself some relief

    Finely plucked eyebrows and skin of satin
    Smiling seductive and endlessly Latin
    Olympic body on dancing feet
    Perfume thickening the air like heat
    A transient star of gay bar fame
    You quit your job and changed your name
    And you're nearly beyond belief
    As you hunt down a little relief

    The seven foot black with the emerald ring
    Broke up a fight without saying a thing
    As the cops cruised by wanting one more chance
    To send Jimmy Baldwin back over to France
    And a trucker with kids and a wife
    Prefers to spend half of his life
    In early Bohemian motif
    Playing pool and getting relief

    My favorite couple was looking so fine
    Dancing in rhythm and laughing in rhyme
    In the light of the jukebox all yellow and blue
    Holding each other as young lovers do
    To me they will always remain
    Unshamed, untamed, and unblamed
    The altar boy and the thief
    Grabbing themselves some relief

    The altar boy and the thief
    Catching a little relief

    © 1977, 1978 Gabriel Earl Music (ASCAP)

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