(Words and Music by Joan Baez)

    The cats are sleeping here in the autumn sun.
    Your dog has flushed a deer and he's on the run.
    And the coffee cup is cold
    and the morning's feeling very old.

    Fifteen months of time my man's been gone.
    The second winter now is coming on.
    And our fates could all be worse
    But sometimes I still must curse my own.

    And hello
    I wish you well
    where you sleep
    all in your cell.

    As for friends I can't complain, they've been good to me.
    The fire's burning bright, they've left wood for me.
    And the roof has been repaired.
    And I thank them for the love they've shared.

    You see, there's really nothing wrong, I've just got the blues.
    Because if you give a damn you're going to pay some dues.
    But if you see the game we're in
    like I do, you know in time we'll win.

    And hello
    I wish you well
    where you sleep
    all in your cell.

    So time give me a break of a week or more.
    My head is reeling and my back is sore.
    And the baby cries for me.
    And I think I'll walk by the sea alone.

    © 1970, 1971 Chandos Music (ASCAP)

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