Where Are You Now, My Son? WHERE ARE YOU NOW, MY SON?

Original release date: May 1973
Produced by: Joan Baez and Norbert Putnam (side one)
Produced by: Joan Baez and Henry Lewy (side two)
Additional musicians and vocalists: David Briggs, Jerry Carrigan, Mimi Farina, Mike Leech, Grady Martin, Norbert Putnam, Pete Wade, Reggie Young
Album art direction by: Ronald Young
Album cover photography by: Barry Romo
Liner notes by: Joan Baez
Issued on stereo vinyl: A&M Records SP-4390
Issued on 8-track tape: A&M Records 8T-4390
Issued on cassette tape: A&M Records CS-4390
Issued on Japanese vinyl: AML-177
Re-issued in 1980 on stereo vinyl: Pickwick Records SPC-3748 (excluding "Windrose")

Track List:
Only Heaven Knows (J. Baez)
Less Than The Song (H. Axton)
A Young Gypsy (J. Baez)
Mary Call (M. Farina)
Rider, Pass By (J. Baez)
Best Of Friends (M. Farina)
Windrose (J. Baez)
Where Are You Now, My Son?

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