Original release date: June 1987
Produced by: Alan Abrahams
Album cover design by: The Christopher Group/Schoene Hauser
Album front cover photography by: Matthew Rolston
Album composite photography by: Bob Rowe
Additional musicians and vocalists: Alex Acuna, Laythan Armor, Cabar Feidh
Piper, Cesar Cancino, John Hobbs, Paul Jackson, Jr., Abraham Laboriel, L. A. Choir (led by Donald Taylor), Caleb Quaye, John Robinson, Fred Tackett, Tony Wilkins, Beau Williams
Issued on stereo vinyl: Gold Castle Records 171-004 (distributed by Polygram)
Re-issued on stereo vinyl: Gold Castle Records 71304 (distributed by Capitol)
Issued on cassette tape: Gold Castle Records 171-004-4
Issued on CD: Gold Castle Records 171-004-2
Re-issued in 1996 on CD: Guardian Records 54616
Issued on European CD: Virgin/Gold Castle Records CDVGC-1
Issued in 1994 on European CD: Virgin/Gold Castle Records TPAK-30 (as part of three-disc box set including DIAMONDS & RUST IN THE BULLRING and SPEAKING OF DREAMS)
Issued on Japanese CD: Victor Music/Gold Castle Records VDP-1303

Track List:
Brothers In Arms (M. Knopfler)
Recently (J. Baez)
Asimbonanga (J. Clegg)
The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress (J. Webb)
James And The Gang (J. Baez)
Let Us Break Bread Together (traditional, arr. by J. Baez)
Oh Freedom (traditional, arr. by J. Baez)
MLK (Hewson, Evans, Mullen, Clayton)
Do Right Woman, Do Right Man (C. Moman, D. Penn)
Biko (P. Gabriel)

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