Joan Baez I Milano 1970 JOAN BAEZ I MILANO 1970

Original release date: 1971
Recorded at: Arena Civica, Milan, Italy
Issued on Italian vinyl: Vanguard VSD-33.019

Track List:
Farewell, Angelina (B. Dylan)
Love Is Just A Four-Letter Word (B. Dylan)
Joe Hill (A. Hayes, E. Robinson)
A Song For David (J. Baez
At The Brand New Tennessee Waltz (J. Winchester)
Suzanne (L. Cohen)
C'era Un Ragazzo Che Come Ma Amava i Beatles e i Rolling Stones (M. Lusini, F. Migliacci)
Vagabondo (The Hitchhikers' Song) (J. Baez)
Sweet Sir Galahad (J. Baez)
North (J. Baez, N. Dusheck)
Where Have All The Flowers Gone (P. Seeger)
Ghetto (H. Banks, B. Bramlett, B. Crutcher)
Kumbaya (traditional)

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