Original release date: July 1973
Produced by: Norbert Putnam and Maynard Solomon
Co-produced by: Jack Lothrop
Album cover design by: Jules Halfant
Album cover photography by: William Claxton
Issued on stereo vinyl: Vanguard VSD-79332
Issued on quadrophonic vinyl: Vanguard VSQ-40032
Issued on 8-track tape: Vanguard J-79332
Issued on cassette tape: Vanguard CV-79332
Issued on CD: Vanguard VMD-79332 and VCD-79332
Issued on German vinyl: Vanguard 32-346-9
Issued on German cassette tape: Vanguard 33-375-7

Track List:
The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down (J. R. Robertson)
Dangling Conversation (P. Simon)
Help Me Make It Through The Night (K. Kristofferson)
Blessed Are... (J. Baez)
Eleanor Rigby (J. Lennon, P. McCartney)
Let It Be (J. Lennon, P. McCartney)
There But For Fortune (P. Ochs)
The Brand New Tennessee Waltz (J. Winchester)
I Pity The Poor Immigrant (B. Dylan)
Love Is Just A Four-Letter Word (B. Dylan)
Heaven Help Us All (R. Miller)

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